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A behind the scenes look at Shon "Yosh" Yoshida and his band recording tracks for his album, "Back To Good." A collaborative effort by Shon Yoshida, Carleton Edward "CEO" Overstreet Jr, Armando Cepeda, David Yuter, Nik Matthews, Iacon Sound Studios and J. Flores Productions
Clip from a 15 minute free for all jam at Iacon Sound, Golden Hill, San Diego, CA. July, 14th, 2013
Pantera's Cowboys From Hell performed by the Cowgirls From Hell Video by JNP Productions Recorded at Iacon Studios in San Diego, CA Vocals: Samantha Hatano Bass: Wena Velasco Guitars: Rose DeoCampo Drums: Christina Sousa Officical Facebook Page: Twitter: @cowgirlsfrmhell Instagram: @cowgirlsfromhellofficial Official Website:
Copyright 2015 A Hero Within From the EP An Anchor to the Abyss: Chapter One Available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora, Google Play Recorded at Iacon Sound by Frank W. Torres Mastered by Joel Wanasek

© Iacon Sound